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Unleash the Speed
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Introducing the Silk, your perfect companion for gravel racing, designed to achieve exceptional speeds on any type of terrain. This ultra-lightweight gravel bike is built to boost speed and agility on even the most challenging terrain.

Whether you're looking for new challenges or prefer long rides, the Silk provides the perfect performance and comfort to enjoy every new adventure.

Discover our new Fast Gravel and experience the thrill of speed without limits.
Optimal geometry for competition

To achieve a frame with balanced geometry suitable for racing, we rely on a long Reach and a low Stack. This ensures that the rider's weight is balanced and the bike's reactions are fast and precise while maintaining our initial focus on performance.
Fully integrated wiring

Absolutely all cables are integrated inside the handlebar, fork and frame assembly. A totally exclusive Megamo integration system that makes the Silk an even more aerodynamically efficient bike with a very clean look.
Composition and Design
Using state-of-the-art technology, we have meticulously selected and optimally distributed materials throughout the bike.

Each component has undergone extensive testing through force simulations on virtual models, testing in state-of-the-art laboratories and continuous improvement by our technical team. In addition, testing in real competitions has been essential in the development and refinement of the product.

It is in these events that the Silk demonstrates its true capabilities and reaffirms its high performance.
Integrated Handlebar

The handlebar and stem assembly on the Megamo Silk forms a stronger and more robust cockpit, which translates into an improved sense of stability and more optimum.

The arrangement of the various carbon fiber modules on the bike provides the necessary stiffness and comfort in every part of the bike. In addition, the fully internal cabling and GPS alignment contribute to its clean, minimalist aesthetics.
Custom drivetrain
Perfectly adapted to 1X drivetrain systems, for those who prefer a single chainring, or 2X, for those who opt for two chainrings, offering versatility in the choice of bike configuration.
Discover the SILK in its three dazzling colors that will leave no one indifferent: Mint, a refreshing explosion of natural tones. Black, pure elegance with a touch of mystery. Brown, a powerful earth color with chocolate grains.
Sizing & Geometry
    XS S M L XL
T/T 515 535 555 580 595
C/S 425 425 425 425 425
S/T 450 470 500 520 545
H/T 90 110 130 155 180
REACH 372 382 395 408 416
STACK 516 535 557 581 605
BB OFFSET 70 70 71 71 71
FRONT ANGLE 70º 70º 71º 71º 71º
REAR ANGLE 74,5º 74º 74º 73,5º 73,5º
WHEEL BASE 1000 1017 1029 1050 1066
158 - 165
165 - 172
172 - 182
182 - 188
188 - 210
SILK XPLR 00 (24)

SILK XPLR 00 2024

Sram Force XPLR AXS 12s
SILK AXS 01 (24)

SILK AXS 01 2024

Sram GX AXS 12s
SILK GRX Di2 12s (24)

SILK GRX Di2 12s 2024

Shimano GRX Di2 12s
SILK AXS 05 (24)

SILK AXS 05 2024

Sram Apex AXS 12s
SILK 08 (24)

SILK 08 2024

Shimano GRX 2x12s
SILK 10 (24)

SILK 10 2024

Sram Apex 12s