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The LEGAL WARANTEE is the warranty we offer by law, valid for two years or as otherwise determined by the country of purchase as the legal warranty period. In order to access this warranty, you must present the purchase receipt to an Authorised Megamo Partner.


1.- Cover:

In addition to the legal warranty, Megamo offers its customers an EXTENDED WARRANTY. The life cycle of each frame will vary depending on the type of material it is made of as well as the type of use and maintenance on the part of the user.

The EXTENDED WARRANTY for frames is as follows:

· Rigid Aluminium Bikes: Lifetime Warranty.
· Aluminium Full Suspension Bikes: 2 years
· Rigid Carbon Bikes: 5 years
· Carbon Full Suspension Bikes: 2 years
· Rigid Aluminium Bikes (Electric): 5 years
· Aluminium Full Suspension Bikes (Electric): 2 years

All applicable from the date of purchase.

The EXTENDED WARRANTY is free but is subject the terms and conditions indicated below.

2.- Conditions.

Only the person who originally bought the bike may benefit from this additional warranty as it is non-transferable to subsequent buyers.

The EXTENDED WARRANTY is completely compatible with and does not replace the legal or commercial guarantees offered by the manufacturers or distributors of the individual components of other commercial brands that may be installed in Megamo bikes. Should there be any issue of conformity in relation to any of these individual components of other brands, the buyer (or the Authorised Megamo Partner, if applicable) must directly process the application of the corresponding warranties with said manufacturers (FSA, Shimano, SRAM, Rock Shox, Fox, Mavic, Suntour, etc.) or distributors. The above shall also apply in relation to electrical components; the buyer, or, if applicable, the Authorised Megamo Partner must process the corresponding warranties with these manufacturers (Shimano, Bosch, Brose, etc.).

To request the application of the EXTENDED WARRANTY, the buyer must contact any Authorised Megamo Partner, providing the purchase details and presenting the corresponding receipt. Fulfilment of this requirement is essential for the application of the EXTENDED WARRANTY.

The following table shows the maximum weights allowed:

(Cyclist + Luggage + bicycle)


c.1.- Warranties A) and B) shall not under any circumstances cover breakages or cracks caused by: (i) negligent, inappropriate or incorrect use of the bike, (ii) the mounting of other elements or accessories not supplied by the same suppliers or mounted by the manufacturer, (iii) inappropriate handling and maintenance operations on the part of the user or any third party on behalf thereof.

Problems cause by fading as a result of exposure to sunlight, a lack of maintenance, abrasion caused by transport or contact with rough surfaces, accidents and the use of the bike or the frame in conditions not considered to be common or appropriate are expressly excluded from the above warranties.

The use of the bike in competitions, for rental or for use in commercial activities shall be considered non-common or inappropriate use.

Tune-up or adjustment operations are also excluded from the cover of this warranty.

c.2.- The above warranties do not under any circumstances cover the normal wear and tear of the product's perishable elements. For example, this list not being exhaustive; tyres, ferrules, bushings, bearings, sprocket guards, sprockets, chains, spokes, brake pads, brake disks and handlebar grips shall be considered elements subject to wear.

c..3.- The above warranties only cover defects of origin during the periods established above.

c.4.- Possible paintwork defects on the frames and other components of the bike, the stickers, rockers and articulated rods are not covered by the EXTENDED WARRANTY, only the legal warranty.


Should it be impossible to make the repair, Megamo will replace any defective product with another of the same characteristics. Should this not be possible, Megamo will provide the user with another product of the same or better quality and features from those available in the Megamo range in the year in which the warranty claim is made.

Should it be necessary to replace a defective product with another of the same or better quality and features, these warranties will not in any way cover the replacement or adjustment of any component installed on the original bike that should be incompatible with the product provided by Megamo. The cost of any type of part or accessory that should be necessary for the final mounting of these accessories or components installed shall be at the customer's expense.

In the event that the repair or replacement of the product should require the product to be send to Megamo's facility, this party reserves the right to claim the costs of said transport from the user.

The application of warranties A) and B) shall be subject to the decision of Megamo's technicians regarding the nature of the problem with the product, following a study of the part in question.
Vilablareix (Girona), 1st September 2017