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For lovers of great routes and Gravel, comes the Megamo Kansas, a bike that will allow you to discover new trails providing you with the assistance you need at all times. Feel a greater sense of speed, increase the demand of your routes and reach places that seemed unreachable until now. Discover this bike with great autonomy thanks to its high-capacity battery (504Wh).

It will allow you to enjoy long days of cycling and to cover more kilometres and gain more elevation gain.The Megamo Kansas has a motor located in the central axle, so the weight of the bike is placed in the centre, increasing its stability and manoeuvrability, providing a much more natural ride.The aesthetics of this bike are very minimalist and clean thanks to the battery fully integrated into the frame and the internal cable routing.
Thanks to the integrated torque control, the central motor will deliver the right power at the right time. With a power ratio of 200W and torque 65Nm it is one of the most balanced bikes in the segment. A low motor weight of less than 2.5 kg and a low centre of gravity ensure a handling that is well suited for gravel tours. The helical gear system together with the chosen materials will allow you to enjoy a quiet ride on trails and paths. The unobtrusive and integrated motor ensures that the weight of the bike is kept in focus. The position of the central motor favours a geometry with short chainstays for an e-bike - thanks to the integrated torque control, the central motor will deliver the right power at the right time.

Efficiency of over 80% is a remarkable figure when you're above 25km/h, providing a much more natural pedalling experience when not using assistance. Able to withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions with its protective side covers. The base of the motor is protected by a very resistant aluminium casing.

Battery fully integrated into the bike frame with a capacity of 504Wh. Its large capacity of 504Wh will allow you to enjoy the longest routes.

Easy removal of the battery by means of a security system with anti-theft key.

Control all the information through the LCD display. Kilometres travelled, current speed, assistance level, available battery. This unit works with the controls on the handlebars, with the information from the torque sensor on the bottom bracket and the speed sensor.

The 5 levels of assistance are a guarantee to adjust the power to your riding style.

When you need to push the bike, you also have electric assistance up to 4Km/h to overcome obstacles and ramps.
The Kansas frame supports a range of wheel sizes, from 650bx47, 700cx37 to 700cx50. You decide which size best suits your needs, and whether you prefer damping to speed. Everything is possible thanks to a generous wheel arch, even on muddy terrain.

Its character is very versatile, allowing its users to discover new paths, whatever their level of experience, anyone can enjoy this bike and all its possibilities.

Designed to hold all the "Bikepacking" accessories you can imagine. This is one of the best options to enjoy a discipline like bikepacking that nowadays has become a way of life for many. Some of the biggest producers of travel luggage have chosen us for the development of their products.
Discover the new Megamo Kansas in its two new color variants that will not go unnoticed.
Garnet, an expression of elegance and sophistication that evokes mystery and depth. Turquoise, which adds a touch of freshness and serenity.
Sizing & Geometry
    S M L
T/T 540 560 580
C/S 455 455 455
S/T 470 520 570
H/T 160 160 210
REACH 372.84 386.16 384.77
STACK 581.05 584.99 636.6
FRONT ANGLE 71º 72º 73º
REAR ANGLE 74º 73.5º 73º
WHEEL BASE 1053.7 1058 1062.1
BB DROP 65 65 65
FRONT WHEEL BB 606.9 611.2 615.2
150 - 170
165 - 180
175 - 210