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The story behind a bicycle

Sami had been up to something for a long time, those who know her will agree that she is a person with an inquiring mind who loves to create and explore new things, so we weren't too surprised when she proposed to customize her own bike.

She explained her idea to us through a warmly coloured photo framing a magnificent sunset in Girona. It wasn't just any sunset, it showed the Rocacorba massif, the highlight of the region and at the same time a very common and familiar image for all of us who live there.
The colour palette was quite wide, but orange, pink, violet and blue were predominant. These were to become the main colours of the design.

Joan got down to work, through Sami's photography and what she herself had told us, our designer knew how to capture which colours and textures would be the most appropriate to give life to this special edition of the Track, our full suspension as we could never have imagined it.


After finalising the details and receiving feedback from Sami, we had a clear design. It was a very different artwork to what we were used to and we knew it was not going to be an easy task. Sergio Vergel from SColors was our first choice, and if we had to repeat a project like this, we would choose him again without hesitation for his great work and dedication.
After sending him all the pieces, we went to visit him to see part of the process. Sergio showed us how to make the decals for the bike, a first step that required a lot of patience and a good hand.

After a couple of attempts, the frame already had the name of the bike and the name of its creator.

Next, we could see how Sergio mixed different colours to get the exact tones of the design, and then he started to give life to the frame of the bike and the different components.

In between painting the materials were going in and out of the oven and consolidating into what would be the first layer of colour.
Once the first layer was dry, Sergio was in charge of achieving the desired textures and the gradients that would give the characteristic touch to this work of art.
When we finally had the frame painted, the final decals, the fork ready and the handlebars, Alex Vargas, our technician, was in charge of assembling the bike.

The only thing missing was the last piece, the Ceramic Speed... which Sergio also painted by hand, achieving a total harmony between it and the rest of the bike.



I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had a big meltdown, mentally I was not in the right place. I had spent the whole day at home and the government allowed us to go out in the evening to do some sport.

It was 4 May 2020. I meticulously planned my route as I wanted to get the best views of the sunset. I packed some of my bags and, of course, took my camera and some lenses with me. I checked the MTB and oiled the chain, removed the front wheel so it would fit on the lift and opened the door determined to start a new adventure.

the thing is that when I started thinking about this design, I had one thing clear, I wanted it to reflect my favourite moment: a sunset. This is undoubtedly the best part of the day for me, it is that moment when you look back and realise all the things you have done. I get excited looking at that palette of colours in the sky, I realise that the day is about to fade away, but it's not over yet.

No doubt sunsets are romantic, in the same way that my feelings for cycling are. It's a passionate relationship that started many years ago and although I sometimes want to, I can'tleave it behind. So I keep going just as the days keep going too, enjoying all the good things, like the sunsets and all that their colours convey to me.
‘’Fading'' was the perfect name for this bike, a name that helped to describe its origin, to understand the reason for its colours and to frame the whole story behind this project.

Now, thanks to Megamo, CeramicSpeed, and the love and skill that Scolors poured into the paint job, this idea has become a reality, the "Fading" bike is real and I'm more than ready to take it with me on new amazing adventures!



The Megamo Track is one of our most desirable bikes, Sami was very clear in her decision. It is a fast cross bike that can handle all types of terrain, she uses it on rocky trails, smooth paths and bike parks.

Overall this is a fast and comfortable bike. It has a full carbon 29" frame, and 100 or 120mm of travel that allows you to enjoy this discipline even more and connect with the environment while always feeling the control and fun in your hands.

The three on-the-fly compression damping positions of the new Fox fork make it even more comfortable to use.

No doubt the CeramicSpeed BB and Oversize Pulley wheel system (both with a lifetime warranty from Coated Products) make this bike even faster.

· Megamo Track MTB frameset:

        · Construction FSC Technology SuperLight

        · Carbon frame with internal wiring

· FOX 34 Stepcast Kashima 120mm fork

· FOX FS Kashima shock absorber

· Megamo integrated carbon handlebar

· SRAM XX1 AXS 12-speed transmission

· Shimano XT M8100 hydraulic disc brakes

· Enve M525 MTB wheels

· Seatpost Fox Transfer Factory Kashima with internal cable routing



Ceramic Speed ​​also wanted to participate in the customization of Sami's bike and that is why we were able to include one of its parts in the design. The OSPW system optimizes the overall efficiency of the transmission through a unique design and very low friction bearings. Although they have different color options, Sergio Vergel used the same colors and textures to achieve total harmony with the rest of the bike.

Texto: Megamo & Sami Sauri
Fotos: Jean-Baptiste Delorme
Finally, I would like to thank all those who with their work and dedication have made a project like this possible. We knew that the result would be good, but we did not imagine that it would be so incredible and have such an impact.